The ship of dreams

I’ve always been a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, not only because of his charming looks but also because he is a well performing actor. We all were very familiar with DiCaprio when the classic movie “Titanic” came out. The film presented a powerful story that won everyone’s heart. Starting from Jack and Rose’s love story to the fall of the ship.

The heart of the Ocean

The movie begins with  “fortune hunters” who are looking for “The heart of the ocean,” an oval blue diamond necklace that belonged to Louis the XVI that is worth millions of dollars. As the fortune hunters  are searching the sunk ship Titanic,  they come across a safe that had Rose’s nude sketch that Jack drew. After, a 101 year old woman, who claimed that she was the woman in the sketch, saw the news on TV contacts the guy who found it. Soon enough they meet, and Rose begins to tell the story of the man who saved her life, Jack Dawson.

The journey

The start of Jack’s voyage


The first appearance of Jack was of him and his friend playing poker and winning a third class Titanic ticket to the US. Jack, who is a lucky guy, finds himself on a ship he had never dreamed of riding, sailing back to the US.  Jack lives his life as a free soul, traveling and going from one place to the other without worrying or bonding himself to anything, which is what began Rose’s interest in him.


Forbidden love

We can’t forget how the love story started.  Jack was indeed a lucky guy when he won the ticket to the ship, and caught it right before it left. Fortunate enough, he meets Rose, who is a jack-and-rose-titanicrich girl who he  saves  when attempting to commit suicide and soon enough they fall in love. Rose who is engaged to Cal Hockley, a rich arrogant  young man whom she doesn’t love, yet is forced to be with to save her family’s reputation of having no money. Despite her mother’s whining to marry Hockley and her family’s reputation is on the line, everything changes when she meets Jack Dawson.

I’ll never let go

There is no doubt that the film is so powerful in both acting and story telling, that every time you see the movie, you just can’t help tears flowing down your face, especially during Jack and Rose’s separating moment. The movie is so effective, even if seen 100 times, 17 years later, it’s still gives you goose bumps. There were two major scenes that really had me finishing my Kleenex box.

  1. The elder couple that held each other, knowing they’re destined to die while the ship was sinking.
  2. Jack in the water frozen.

The elder couple scene was definitely one of the most emotional scenes in the film. The couples were shown to lay next to each other in their bed, knowing that they were to die, and so they held hands until the ship was sunk. An interesting fact is that couple are Ida and Isidor Strauss. Does the name sound familiar?.. They were the owners of Macy’s department, of whom both died in the sinking.

The scene of Rose falling asleep and waking up to find Jack frozen in the water is really one of the best scenes in the movie. Although it is the end of Jack, and we are all crying our hearts out. The scene was well acted and filmed. The last words that left us all speechless, were “I’ll never let go..”


Jack, Jack!

Jack, are you sure you couldn’t have survived?


We’ve all heard many things about the making of the Titanic, but one thing that I taught was kind of fun, is that the best scene in the movie, the scene of Rose’s last words to Jack, “I’ll never let go,” is filmed in an inflatable pool? Well, all I want to say is that was never expected.



If Jack had lived

We all know the end of Titanic.. but have you ever wondered, what if Jack lived? In memory of the great Titanic, Motion picture has made the film Titanic II, released on Titanic’s 100th anniversary, is a story that shows the life of Jack and Rose, if jack had lived. Honestly, we all wished that Jack would have survived the tragic ending.. so thanks to Motion picture, they made us live the ending that we wanted.

Titanic, a love story that will never be forgotten

The Titanic is known for one of the greatest love stories. The movie is about 2 and half hours long, and even with that amount of time being spent watching the movie, you can never get bored of it and is willing to watch it again and again, right? how many of us seen the movie Titanic only once?… I don’t think so.

The film was made in 1997.  Titanic had dramatically high rated reviews, as “The best paramount movie ever made.” The movie shows the difference between two classes of people, and how two people fell in love despite all the differences they had. The story of the Titanic is about a tragedy that carried so many stories of greed, love, and sacrifice.


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