Will bollywood soon influence more of the world than hollywood

Indian movie, Dabangg Source: Srimovies.com

Indian movie, Dabangg
Source: Srimovies.com

The western world has many influences around the world, ranging from foods, music, and sometimes even fashion but when it comes to film in India, Bollywood, the largest film producer in the world would beg to differ. Although India is very cultural oriented and does not practice much of western culture, you might see a few western hints in its food, music, and fashion but that does not mean it will take on Hollywood style for their films. India, known to be one of the poorest countries, has the number 1 top film industry that is well-known around the world.

source: ratemovieshare.com

source: ratemovieshare.com

Hollywood may sound more familiar to many people but Bollywood has made more films than Hollywood according to Davidson. Although the influence of the US is common in many areas, when it comes to film making, Indians seem to hold on to a lot of their culture. Watching an Indian Bollywood movie, and an American Hollywood movie, you would notice the differences in aspects such as the length of the film, the style of the film, in the sense of how the actors dress, and also the including of musicals which is widely common in Indian films rather than American. According to  PolicyMic, Indian films seem to be more upbeat and optimistic in nature, including family values and very little sex and violence because they are censored and regulated. Opposite of the American films, sexuality and violence is common and accepted in the Hollywood industry.

Bollywood , being the number 1 film producers in the world, according to Hubpages, produces about a 1,000 films per year, as Hollywood only produces half of that, 500. Although Hollywood produces half of the movies Bollywood produces per year, it may have a bigger influence on the outside world, but to reach Indian Bollywood, Hollywood may want to add a hint of Indian culture and style to their movies, as Bollywood is catching up quickly with the rest of the world.

According to Davidson, a study done on Indian movies shows a major influence on Indian citizens and the way they dress and even influence on the culture.

Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Source: idiva.com

Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Source: idiva.com

Bollywood is also a big hit in the middle east, to the extend that there was a recent launch of a Bollywood channel that plays only Indian translated movies and songs.  Not only in the Middle East, but I have recently came across theaters in the US that shows Indian movies, so the expansion of Bollywood influence is not only reaching Eastern side of the world, but also the Western side. Despite Hollywood being the world center in the film industry, this may not last long, as India’s Bollywood is expanding and being noticed more internationally.



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